My Stamping Space

I have come a long way and this was all created by us on a budget. In 2001 I started with a kitchen pantry and counter. Then I moved to a spare bedroom when my sister got married. I kept my stuff in the closet and stamped in the living room because it was still a bedroom to me. I carried stuff back and forth. Now I'm officially in a room dedicated to stamping. We (with brother and dad) converted an old one car garage and this is what we've done. 

Okay so it's a mess but you don't notice that right? This is where my customers stamp. I am still working on decor.

This is my Ikea Expidit wall. I will have a TV on the wall eventually and I use that space for treats when it's all cleaned up. 

This is MY space. Below are some close up pics of things that are included in this space. It's lived in. 

This is how I display stamped cards. It is an mdf board painted black with small clothespins painted white and hot glued on.

My current DSP (Designer Series Paper) is at arms length and kept in this metal file bin that I found at a thrift store. I keep my Stampin' Write Markers in a crock.

Basic tools are kept in this caddy that I found at in the kitchen section of a Wal-Mart. This one is right by my side and has been with me for many years and has kept the same items for just as many.

I recently found this gem at a thrift store. It spins and I keep my glue ready and have easy access to Stampin' Dimensionals and gems and pearls.

This is what is behind me and my desk. All I have to do is spin my chair around to reach these things. I store my card stock in file storage bins (I've had these for over 15 years). Each tab has a Modern Label Punch of the matching color. Scraps are kept in the front of each file. The white bins roll around so they aren't totally in the way if I need to get to the stamps hanging on the wall above.

Many years ago I learned that I can not function with stacked stamped. I am very visual and so I need to be able to see what I have. I went with the idea of the shoe bags on the door and took it one step further. I mounted plant hangers on the wall studs (these get heavy with wood block stamps) and after the original hanger busted out I came up with a way to attach a spinner. The one on the left still has a hanger but that will fall soon. These were shortened (rolled up) because they hang above my card stock and I need to be able to reach them.

Here is a close up of the plant hanger and spinner. The ones I prefer come from Harbor Freight. I intend to put a dowel in the shoe bag for better support but just haven't done anything about it yet. I also need a 4th bag. Too many stamps.

With the exception of the In Colors on the top 3 slots on all sides I used the Tiny Tags to create an order for my stamp pads. This is an old picture. I also keep my Color Caddy R on a lazy Susan for easy spinning.

I did a little updating to my Color Caddy R. I used one of the punches from the Little Labels Punch Pack and lightly secured them next to the corresponding color. jw 6/2013

My light box. I got this on ebay several years ago. I think they're cheaper now. This one doesn't quite fit a 12x12 but I use it for cards and smaller projects. The lamp is not special, it's just large.

My SU! bag storage. This is located on the landing of the steps by the door to the inside of the house. I painted an old board and added some retro knobs I found at a thrift store.

My punch storage. It turns out I need a few more racks. These are also old boards painted with the Ikea rails added. Be sure to mount these on studs!

I will be adding more pictures as I  reorganize and decorate. There's still lots to be done.

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