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Welcome to my site! I have been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator since 2001. Rubber stamping is therapy for me. Card making is my thing. I get most of my inspiration from others and make it my own usually by simplifying.

Can you believe that the first event I remember was actually at a competing company? I didn't much care for the selection so I went home to a Stampin' Up! catalog that someone left in my sister's possession and had been sitting around forever (we were unable to throw it away). I just had to have some stamps for myself! I was going to contact the demonstrator listed on the catalog (she was from Cedar City) but decided I wanted to work with someone closer. I called Stampin' Up! and received a call from a local demonstrator within the hour.

I began having workshops regularly. I spaced them far enough apart so that I wasn't bugging my friends too often. It was very easy for me to reach the level 3 workshop ($500). The first time I asked the demonstrator for additional catalogs she was hesitant. The second and third time she was not. I wasn't able to get that many people to come to my house for the actual workshop but I was able to get the orders. I asked everyone! I didn't want anyone within earshot to feel left out. If I only needed one more order I would ask 4 people and ended up with more orders than I expected.

My demonstrator asked me if I wanted to sign up but I said no again and again. Why? Because I watched my sister fail at a home based company and thought it was the same. It wasn't until my demonstrator asked me what my concerns were that I was able to understand just how different it was. I signed up right away so that I can earn money while supporting a hobby that I love! At Stampin' Up! you do not carry an inventory. Each order is placed and shipped directly from Stampin' Up! What a relief!

Now it is 20+ years later and I'm still here! Sure I've had some different experiences and desires with selling throughout the years but I have had no trouble maintaining my demonstrator-ship. I very much enjoy the friends I have made and the events and memories we are sharing together.

Can see yourself as a Stampin' Up! demonstrator? Give me a call or send me an email and we can get you started.

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