Sunday, August 3, 2008

Convention 2008


Morning - After making sure the car battery situation was all taken care of, I finished packing and then finished most of my swaps (Thank you Andrea!).

Afternoon - I finally got on my way around 4PM. I had to swing by Jill's to get my Chocolate Chip Cardstock to finish my swaps. Then I picked up Jolene from her house in Kearns. We headed straight for the SLC Convention Center where we b-lined it for the Momento Mall to see what was left. Then we went to get our bags and the NEW CATALOG! We took a seat at one of the many tables in the Gathering Place to dive in to the catalog and finish the rest of my WOW swaps.

Evening - We met Melanie Hopes group of about 35 for a dinner and a WOW swap at Buca de Beppo. A little crazy in such a cramped room but fun.
Then we went back to Kearns where I was staying at Jolene's house. It had been a long stressful day so I didn't stay up much longer. We did check out our WOW swaps!


Morning - Off we went! We parked at the convention center right next to the elevator of course, and went in to meet up with everyone, find some good seats over by where we always sit and then went to SWAP!

Afternoon - After lunch we went to classes. On the first day we went all the way to the wrong end of the convention center and back and still ended up in the wrong class! Oops! It was still great and don't worry, we fixed that later in the week.

Evening - Awards Night and Entertainment! YES! On the first night! This was fabulous. It totally made convention so much better!!!! The entertainment was an A Cappella group that was fabulous. I can't remember the name right now.... Back at Jolene's I checked email and we grabbed some stuff for our lunchtime make n' takes. That is kind of a tradition that Becky started several years ago. We each bring one or something to share to use up the extra time at lunch. When I checked my email I found out that Nicole Jones was in town!!!


Morning - I woke up at 5AM and proceeded to knock the ONLY toilet paper into the toilet so it was time for a shower! Luckily we needed to be in early for a special show. It turned out to be the Stampin' Up! staff band. So many of them are musically talented that they created a band. It was very entertaining.

Afternoon - I called Nicole to set up a place to meet. Classes were great and this is the day that we had to fix our prior error of going to the wrong class.

Evening - Jolene had her dinner with Pam so Nicole met up with us and we tagged along. I finally got to meet Aubrianna! Then we all walked over to a quaint little Italian restaurant. We sat outside in the garden area by a very shallow pool. (I'll add photos later). Then we went back to the convention center to visit some more and show Nicole my swaps. It was so nice to see her again! It had been since we left her at convention in Colorado last year!


Morning - Today classes were FIRST! Another fabulous change! Our first class was on the 3rd floor at the other end of the convention center but at the top of the last flight of stairs were some SU! employees with some chocolates to entice everyone to get to the top. Very funny! Jackie Bolhuis taught this class. One of my favorites involving how to run your business using only what you make from it and keeping your finances separate. I encourage everyone to do it this way. I already do this but I'm pretty sloppy about it.

Afternoon - This is the end! There were several demonstration and the game show along with lots of prizes announced based on your colored wrist bands. I didn't win.... probably because I won a TV at work earlier this month. Then Shelli announced that we all love FREE STAMPS and the UPS man came out. UPS donated the Ronald McDonald stamp set to every convention attendee! WOW! What a great way to end convention! It was a fabulous one! I think my 2nd favorite, first being my first year of course. I do wish more of my Stampin' Up! friends were there to enjoy it with us though.

Evening - We took Becky to the airport and pushed her out. Then I took Jolene to her house and pushed her out. Then I went home so incredibly tired and full of valuable information that I am trying not to forget! Maybe next year, you could join us!

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  1. I'm still so jealous I wasn't apart of it this year. I can't wait to get back into it. It was so fun to see you and Jolene. Thanks for letting me tag along during dinner time. Email me some of those pictures.


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