Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 Convention Highlights

Flower Power Party
On the first night, there was a party. Pictured above are my friends Kris (front and center) and Jolene (right behind Kris) in the hula hoop contest. It could have gone on forever so they started making them do random things to eliminate the contestants. Jolene won!


General Session 
Each morning we all meet at 8:30am for some information from Stampin' Up! This can include a key note speaker, demonstrations, swapping and Prize Patrol.

Prize Patrol!
Yay for me! I won! Friday after Pam Morgan's (my upline) demonstration. I got the Bright Christmas stamp set in clear and the Extra Large Decorative Punch. These items will be available in the upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog that begins September 1st. Pictured with me is my friend Kris.

Display Boards
This is Heather taking pictures of the projects that were demonstrated during general session. There are a lot of them displaying demonstrator samples, Artisan Award winners, samples with the sets we got for free, etc.

Our Group
From left to right; Maureen (Hampton Inn friend), Becky, me, Heather D., Heather H., Anna, Jolene, Kris. Lacey was with us too but is not pictured.

From left to right; Heather D., Heather H., Anna, Jolene, Kris

Stampin' Up! Greeters
The employees would stand on either side of the entrance to the general sessions in the morning. It was nice to have such a cheerful welcome in the morning. (I don't know that guy or what's going on there.)

Melanie here is not my only friend but I was able to get a photo with her. She was working the convention this year. I didn't take that many pictures and besides that, it seems that many people don't know how to use a camera with a view finder anymore. 

 This is Jolene and one of her downline Anna

Everyone's a winner!
At the Saturday afternoon general session, Shelli made some announcements about upcoming changes (she didn't specify) and gave us all some free stuff! Yay! From left to right; Julie (me), Heather, Lacey, Heather, Anna, Jolene, Kris, Becky.

Pictures I wish I had taken: 
My outfit for the Flower Power party had I looked a little better
Jolene in the hula hoop contest
Myself and Pam
Myself and Heather D.
The shoebox swap at the Hampton Inn
Myself and the prize I won at the recruiting wheel
That's all I can remember right now.

This year was a lot of fun! Even though a lot of the classes were about things I hear over and over again, there were still plenty of new things for me to learn. I am excited to implement them into my workshops. I am excited to share what I learned with my downline that wasn't able to attend convention and I can't wait to attend the next one! See you next year! 

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