Sunday, December 19, 2010

My 2010 Holiday - "We've Moved" Card

I usually cheat and send out the holiday cards that I got as swaps over the past year. Yeah, that's right, what else am I supposed to do with them? I happen to think it's a great idea.

This year, since we moved, I decided to make a card. I purchased the Neighborhood Jumbo Wheel for the occasion. The house is water colored with my December Colors and "Merry Christmas" is embossed in white. To spruce it up I drew on lights and candles and a little wreath for the door that I cut out and glued on for a "little" dimension.  The inside has a printed reminder of my address and an update about my new home and job. A little too much work but I'm pleased with the results.

The card is 3.5 x 5 to fit some small envelopes that I am trying to use up.


  1. Well, that is just charming! Great to see a wheel used like that and with the December colors :-)

  2. Wow, great job! How many of those did you have to watercolor?

  3. Love the Christmas lights and tiny wreath on the door.

  4. SO very cool and perfect for this year! I, too, use my swaps!

  5. Cute card but wow, what a lot of work! Hope you didn't have to make too many!


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