Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just had to share

I have 10 of these that are pretty much empty but I just know there's more glue in there! I've microwaved them to heat them up just a little to soften the glue but it is hit or miss whether or not it explodes. Oops! I've even thought of warming them up in a hot water bath. Tonight, while I was sitting here upcycling my old cards (tearing off sentiments and replacing them with "Happy Birthday"), I was pleasantly surprised that the glue was all warmed up and functioning properly. What just happened?! Well, I'll tell you. I had set it down right here next to the laptop. The only spot left on the table. A spot that I otherwise keep clear because it heats things up that I don't want heated up (like chocolate). This spot now belongs to this glue but only while I'm stamping of course.

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