Monday, November 26, 2018

Paper Pumpkin: To You and Yours

November Paper Pumpkin: To You and Yours

This one made it out of the box and I made them all over a short time. On the way I learned a few things that I would like to share. See Below:

1. Don't get ahead of yourself. I immediately mounted the plaid backgrounds to the card bases and found out later that this was a mistake. If you notice above, the red card in particular has the ribbon wrapping around the plaid layer. 

Quick fix: I cut to fit and put a glue dot on the ribbon and tucked it in between the layers. This worked because I didn't glue too closely to the edges. Whew!


 2. Count out your accessories before you begin. This will tell you how many you have for each card. There are three sprigs each on the red card and nine sprigs on each wreath. I did the same thing with the gold sequins.

Tip: Since 9 divides into 3 evenly I placed three evenly and then three more and then three more to get an even wreath. See pics above.

Thank you for visiting! I hope these tips helped you out.

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